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What a breath of fresh air The Rainbow Music School is!!! Having recently moved to QLD from NSW and my 12yr old daughter really hadn't found her groove in our new state we were searching for something that would give her her mojo back and then we stumbled across Carla. With a history with anxiety and depression we needed to find her happy place again and with her weekly lessons we have done that! She now spends her days singing away with a smile on her dial and can't wait for her weekly lesson to come around. Carla's caring and bubbly approach to her lessons is exactly what we needed and we were hooked after our 1st one and signed up for the next 10 weeks of keyboard and singing. Thank you Rainbow Music School for giving my girl the lift she needed.

- Kristy (Parent, Singing/Keyboard)

I highly recommend Carla, she is great fun, encouraging and enthusiastic for the young musician creating a nurturing and safe environment for them to learn. Carla is an extremely talented music artist herself and a fabulous music teacher, all of her students love her. Our daughter began her singing and piano lessons with Carla at 5 yrs of age, her lessons full of laughter and song listening to the child’s interests and motivators and using that in the lessons (Disney songs were sung a plenty).

- Christel (Parent, Singing)

My daughter had been doing piano lessons at school for 18 mths, then when school was closed due to Covid we booked with Carla at the Rainbow Music School with the intention of it being just while school was closed.

However our daughter improved so much in just 2 lessons with Carla, we have now cancelled the school lessons and will continue on with Carla.

Carla is so patient and fun for the kids - my daughter just adores her. I seriously cannot recommend her enough.

- Melissa (Parent, Singing/Keyboard)

I used to get singing lessons from Miss Carla and she was such a delight. 100% would recommend!

- Adelia (Past Student, Singing)

I am so excited that our beloved former music teacher, rock band wrangler, band camp den mother, and performing singer-songwriter, CARLA 🌈 is teaching again after a stint working on other music education projects! She is super talented across many instruments and has such a great energy about her. Music with Carla is always fun and you learn heaps, too.

- Alyse (Parent, Singing/Guitar)

I’m so glad Carla was recommended to us, the girls love music lessons. Grace has learnt more in two lessons with Carla than she has in 6 months with her other teacher.

- Rachel (Parent, Guitar)

When we moved to Ipswich we struggled to find a teacher wanting to teach someone so young and after a bad experience my son didn't want to do lessons.  We gave it a break for a few years and then I convinced him to try one lesson with you and promised he would not have to do more than one if he didn't love it. Obviously, he loved it and is very keen to continue learning! Thank you so much for rekindling his love of music, we are so happy we found you.

- Stacey (Parent, Guitar)

You've created a monster in Claire, she is so obsessed with piano. She does her practice every day and then plays on it for sometimes over an hour. Thank you for helping my girl (who previously only wanted to play violin) find such an overwhelming love for an instrument. She wants to pack it up and take it camping!

- Jo (Parent, Piano)

Thank you for the great effort you have put forward to teach Alfred and Jacob their guitar and drum lessons respectively this year. Kindly treat this email as my wife's and my gratitude towards your sincere and great effort.

- Austin (Parent, Guitar,Drums)
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