Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Drums and Ukulele Lessons Alderley and Springfield Lakes

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Private Lessons
Piano, Keyboard, Ukulele, Guitar, Singing, Drums, Songwriting and Music Theory 

We offer private lessons in piano/keyboard, ukulele, guitar, singing, musicianship and theory, and songwriting, at Miss Carla's home studio in Springfield Lakes and Miss Becky's home studio in Alderley.


Thirty-minute lessons are $40 or forty-five-minute lessons are $60, or you can purchase a Ten Lesson Plan and you'll get ten for the price of nine! 

Books and printable material are additional - you can either order yourself online or purchase from us. For our list of books we currently use please see our Materials page! We are also happy to continue teaching from your own books if you have already been learning. 

Online Lessons 
Piano, Keyboard, Ukulele, Guitar, Drums, Songwriting and Music Theory 

We also offer private lessons online in piano/keyboard, ukulele, guitar, drums, musicianship, and theory and songwriting. 

You will need the instrument at home for your instrumental lessons and a device with a mic and webcam (phone is fine, but laptop or tablet are best) so that we can see and hear you! 

Thirty-minute lessons are $40 or purchase ten lessons for the price of nine with our Ten Lesson Plan!

You will be emailed an individual Skype link, this link will remain the same for all future lessons. 

Keyboard and Piano teacher alderley and springfield lakes
Guitar teacher alderley and springfield lakes
Ukulele teacher alderley and springfield lakes
Vocal teacher alderley and springfield lakes
Drum teacher alderley and springfield lakes
Music Production teacher alderley and springfield lakes

More Information

If you have more than one child who would like to learn get in touch for any other options! We can work with you to suit your needs.

We offer plans for multiple students for individual lessons, just check out our plans on our booking page!

Instruments Offered

Keyboard - Recommended for ages 4+

Ukulele - Recommended for ages 6+

Guitar - Recommended for ages 7+

Singing - Recommended for ages 6+

Drums - Recommended for ages 5+

(All of these ages are approximate, some children may have more advanced fine-motor skills or attention spans, please feel free to get in contact with us if you have any questions or concerns before booking). Our teachers reserve the right to assess whether a student is ready for lessons and may determine that your child is too young or not ready for lessons just yet. If this is determined you will received the payment for any future lessons back in full.