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The Rainbow Music School

The Rainbow Music School Terms and Conditions - Please read before booking


  • When booking please provide your full name, email and phone number - this is so we can contact you if anything changes with your booking or if there is an emergency. 

  • Please also provide the full name of the child participating in lessons (if applicable). 

  • All lessons available to book on The Rainbow Music School website are 30 minutes or 45 minutes long (extened lesson). If you require a longer lesson, please book two lessons back to back. 

    • These can be purchased as a single lesson for $35 or in a pack of ten lessons per student for $330. 

    • If you are booking a one-off lesson you will be prompted to select your date upon booking. 

    • If you are booking a plan, please get in contact with us to confirm that we have space available for you. After you have purchased your plan, your teacher will book in your lessons. 

  • We recommend booking the same time each week for consistency, however we believe life often gets in the way of plans so we are very flexible. 

  • Books and printable material are additional and need to be purchased before your first lesson, please visit our Materials page or get in contact if you need more information.

  • Currently, all lessons are held in Springfield Lakes at Carla's home studio or in Alderley at Becky's home studio. If you are not able to travel to us, please book an online lesson. 

  • If you are late arriving to your lesson, unfortunately we will not be able to make up the time. While we endeavour to be always be punctual, if your teacher is running late, they will let you know via an sms so your time isn't wasted. 

  • Because our lessons are all half an hour long, unfortunately your teacher may not have time to chat or discuss progress at the end of the lesson as they need to ensure the next lesson begins promptly, but you are welcome to email Carla or Becky if you have any questions or concerns. 

  • Our teachers reserve the right to assess whether a student is ready for lessons and may determine that your child is too young or not ready for lessons just yet. If this is determined you will received the payment for any future lessons back in full. Please see our Services page for more information on the recommended starting age for each instrument. 

  • While is not necessary at first, it is expected that eventually, the student will have access to an instrument at home to practice. Without regular practice, students will not progress! Your teacher will give you a practice chart and a recommended weekly practice goal. Please get in touch if you need any recommendations for instruments.




  • If you are unable to attend your booked lesson, you may cancel your booking and reschedule your lesson via logging into your account on our website (subject to availability) or you can email Carla and let her know at or Becky at

  • You may schedule two lessons in the next week if space is available or add one lesson on at the end of your plan

  • If you cancel your lesson within two hours of your class, unfortunately, the cost of your lesson will be forfeited and you will need to purchase a make-up class if you would like one. 

  • If you do not arrive at your lesson and have not notified our staff or cancelled via the website, unfortunately, the cost of your lesson will be forfeited. 

  • Please DO NOT send your child to a lesson if they are ill or experiencing any COVID-like symptoms. We have the responsibility not only for the health of our staff, but also the subsequent health of all our students and their families. 


In-Person Lessons

  • When you arrive at Carla's home studio in Springfield Lakes or Becky's in Alderley (the address will be forwarded to you upon booking) please park in the driveway if it is free. At Carla's please do not park right in front of the house, as Carla's husband needs to park his work ute there so it is visible on their CCTV during the night. There is plenty of street parking at Becky's house.

  • When you arrive at Carla's, there's no need to knock on the door, Carla will hear you arrive, please take a seat on the rainbow cushion and Carla will invite you in when it's time for your lesson. When you arrive at Becky's please wait and she will invite you in when it's time for your lesson.

  • If it is your child having a lesson you are welcome to stay for the duration of the lesson and either sit in on the class or use the Mum/Dad chair in the adjacent room, or you are welcome to drop off your child and pick them up when their lesson is finished. Some students work well with Mum/Dad sitting in on lessons and some work better without, Carla or Becky will let you know what works best for your child. 

Online Lessons


  • When you book your online lesson you will receive a confirmation email with a personalised Skype link. This will be your Skype link for all future lessons with The Rainbow Music School. 

  • If your lesson is online and you have technical difficulties, we will endeavour to rectify them. If these technical difficulties cannot be rectified and the staff deem the lessons unable to continue you will receive the cost of your purchased lessons back in full.

Covid Safe Plan

During private lessons, all equipment and instruments are sanitized before and after each class and social distancing is adhered to as often as possible. You can view our Covid Safe Plans for our group events here.

Please DO NOT send your child to a lesson or event if they are ill. We have the responsibility not only for the health of our staff, but also the subsequent health of all our students and their families. 

Please note our Terms and Conditions may be subject to change without notice. 

We can't wait to see you at The Rainbow Music School! 

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