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Here are links to all the books we use in our lessons, there are links to purchase online ahead of your lessons with us.

piano / keyboard

If you have already been learning we can carry on with the book you were previously using or in our first lesson we can let you know which book to purchase when we have assessed your current level.




At the moment there are no materials needed to purchase for guitar, ukulele or singing as your teacher will provide you with printed materials however all students will need a display folder, similar to what can be seen here. 

While it's not necessary straight away, all students (apart from singers) will need an instrument at home for weekly practice. Please get in touch with us if you'd like some suggestions on appropriate and cost-effective options! 

Coming Soon...

Print at home

If you would like to print some rainbow resources for your at-home practice, please visit our online store, where you can purchase colourful posters, flashcards and more! 



Buying an Instrument

Why it's not necessary to purchase an instrument straight away, all students will need one to practice at home eventually. Please find some suggestions below for beginner instruments. 

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